Gold Miner Vodka

Soft & Sweet, this Vodka is sugar cane-based, delicious in bloody marys, and now available in AZ & NV for direct shipping

Shipping to AZ & NV households only.


Hardcore Vodka connoisseurs have a look of concentration on their faces when they taste our Vodka, and then admit in pleasant surprise that our Vodka has a very clean and SMOOTH taste. We use the finest Rum (ours of course), and rectify it to the smoothest flavor possible and there is a unique mystique to the flavor of our distilling recipe. We are sure that you will find it to be one of the finest Vodkas you’ve ever tasted. Silver Medal winner, 2011 SIP Awards.

Soft and sweet, this GRAIN FREE vodka is sugar cane based.  Redistilled from our high proof hearts of rum, this takes the most effort!

Do you drink Bloody Marys?  Our Vodka mixes well with the all natural mixers we have from Stonewall Kitchen.  We can make it spicy or we can make it clean and mild.  From Cucumber Dill Bloody Mary’s, to a Spicy Siracha Bloody Mary, we can make your Bloody Mary like you were at home.

Mabye you prefer a more fruity drink.  The Vodka mixes so well with orange juice (Screwdrivers!), or Cranberry juice (Vodka & Cranberry!).

Whichever you prefer, we can mix it for you at our cocktail bar.

Come by and take a tour of the actual distillery if you are nearby Kingman AZ.  We are just four miles from I-40 and highway 66 exit.

Shipping to Arizona & Nevada.


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